1 400 000 IDR

Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay has big variety of tropical reef fish and also serves as a mola-mola cleaning station in the season.

Required experience: More experienced diver (difficult).

Required experience for Crystal Bay Nusa Penida - Dive with Mola Mola / Oceanic Sunfish

★ ★ ★ More experienced diver (difficult).

Location Type

Sloping reefs, canyons, bat cave and walls.


We reach Crystal Bay Nusa Penida after 40 minutes by boat from Padang Bai. Minimum 4 divers, send us a message to check our schedule.


Very good variety and number of hard and soft coral.


Big variety of tropical reef fish and Mola Mola (oceanic sunfish) in season (July to October).


Can be anything from mild to strong depending on the moon.


25-50m all year.


When we go out for Crystal Bay Nusa Penida, this can be combined with trips to Manta Point and Nusa Penida Drift


There is a Mola Mola Oceanic Sunfish Cleaning Station in Crystal Bay Nusa Penida.

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