By Griska Gunara

The Absolute Housekeeping Role

The role of housekeeping department is one of the vital parts in hospitality industry. Housekeeping is not just about cleanliness, in fact it’s about the standard. Guest that has a wonderful staying experience will most likely will return in the future. Often overlooked the potential, housekeeping team is the unsung heroes that is as important …

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By Griska Gunara

Picture of the Day

Mobula (Devil Ray) in Gili Mimpang – 31 July 2019 Our Divers, Rohit and Dmitrii got a surprise of a live time yesterday on Gili Mimpang. This beautiful Mobula Ray showed up and stayed around for about 20 minutes, circling them the entire time. Al tough found worldwide in tropical and warm, temperate seas, we …

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By Griska Gunara

In House Children Activity

Kids Activity. Having your children with you on a holiday needs a lot of preparations. Not to mention you must prepare activities to keep them in a very good mood. While you go out diving, we can organize a Basic Balinese Dance & Crafting Experience for your children, done in our resort. The customized program …

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