How are you? Do you mind telling us a little bit about yourself? Where are you coming from and tell us a short background about you.

Hi,  I’m Fran from Madrid (Spain) and I joined the company on April 2019.

My last job before join the company was as marketing executive and graphic designer in Macao but after four years working there I missed the ocean so much so I decided to leave the office and come back to my real passion and start to diving again.

Previously I was working as Dive Instructor and Divemaster in Malaysia and as a tour leader on a Liveaboard in Thailand. 


When is your first time doing diving, and how was the experiences feels for you?

My first dive was an amazing experience which I’m sure I will never forget. Everything was better and easier than I expected so I really have a very good time with my instructor.  The only thing I regret is that I didn’t learn to dive earlier.

I did my PADI Open Water Course in a Five Start dive center in Vietnam when I was traveling around South Asia.  I fell in love so much in diving than after finishing my Open Water Course I did my PADI Advance Open Water Course a few weeks later. 

What made you decide to be a diving instructor? 

I would like to share my knowledge about diving and passion to the others. Also it is a good opportunity to know different persons and cultures around the world.

I think Indonesia is the best place for diving in the world for the amount of the islands and the diversity you can find here.


From all the dive spot in Bali, where’s your favorite?

My favorite spot in Bali and in the world it is Manta Point because the mantas are my favorite big animal in the ocean.

What is the most important thing you always bring on your dive?

I always bring spare gear to avoid any problem when I going to go diving so I think this is the most important.

Tell us about your opinion about diving; a few tips and tricks to do diving in Bali (especially in our spot of diving).

The best tip I can give you for diving in Bali is always pay attention and follow the recommendations of the local dive master. They know perfectly the spots and have a great eye to find the best critters.

Another tip is to be relax and go slow when you are diving to enjoy everything you have around you.

By Griska Gunara Blogpost