Fishing boats in Padabg Bai in Bali

In the village

The fun doesn’t end when you get out of the water. We’ve got plenty of non-diving activities for you near Padang Bai:

Daytime in the village

  • Catch the sunrise at Silayukti Temple and enjoy the morning light over Blue Lagoon.
  • Watch the early morning preparations of scuba divers.
  • Taste local treats at the morning market.
  • Stroll along the beach front and admire the colourful jukung fishing boats.
  • Listen to the Melanting Temple barang musicians.
  • Enjoy the seclusion of White Sands Beach.
  • Take an adventurous walk to Blue Lagoon beach and enjoy a swim, snorkel and snack.
  • Taste delicious Topi Inn coffee and apple crumble, or do a cooking class.
  • Visit the ships travelling to and from Lombok.
  • Talk to the local fishermen.
  • Call into Padang Bai elementary school and share your stories with the students.
  • Explore the narrow laneways that run throughout the village.
  • Swap books at local shops.

Evening in the Village

  • Swim in the pool and indulge in sunset cocktails at the La Cabana Bar at Absolute Scuba.
  • Dine on delicious and diverse specialty dishes at the La Cabana Restaurant. Ask for daily specials. Try the pizza.
  • Papa John’s a great place for fresh fish and catching rugby and soccer games.
  • Enjoy a refreshing drink at the Zen Inn.
  • Eat fresh fish at Kerti and Puri Rai restaurants.
  • Rock to the reggae beat at the Babylon Bar.
By Ramli Ahmad Blogpost