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Kids Activity.

Having your children with you on a holiday needs a lot of preparations. Not to mention you must prepare activities to keep them in a very good mood. While you go out diving, we can organize a Basic Balinese Dance & Crafting Experience for your children, done in our resort. The customized program for children can be added if you go dive and stay with us.

Learning Basic Balinese Dance and Crafting Experience can be a new experience for the kids while you are going out for diving. We provide program for your kids to play and learn to do the craft called, Canang.

Puspanjali Traditional Balinese Dance is one of the programs. Puspa means flower, and Anjali means honoring. So the dance is a form of honoring and it symbolized with flowers. Performed with a soft and dynamic movement, this dance often performed particularly to friendly greet guest and to open up a formal event to honor the Gods.

The Children will use the same costume to follow the two dancers that teaching them while their mother or nanny can take picture or take part in dancing and the making of Canang.

Canang Sari, that’s what it called. A daily offering for gratitude. A thankfulness symbols for Balinese people to the Hindu God, Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa. A daily offering are made to thank the Gods in praise and prayers. The making is from small palm leaf cut into small basket made and filled with a colorful flower mix inside and Rampe (Pandan Leaves). We pinch the palm leaf as the basket and make the Canang. And after it’s done we can visit our garden to pick flowers they like.

Kindly contact our management for Customized Activity as such.

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