Ridge Walk in Ubud Bali

60 minutes from Padang Bai

The fun doesn’t end when you get out of the water. We’ve got plenty of non-diving activities for you. Here is a list of some ideas outside of Padang Bai, that you can reach in maximum one hour:

  • Rent a motor bike and guide from Absolute Scuba resort and ride through small villages on the many unexplored roads in Central Bali.
  • Ubud is a picturesque centre in the hills surrounded by rice paddies. It is the home of many artists and at the central market you will find many for sale as well as at the many galleries. There are many restaurants, shops and beauty parlors.
  • The monkeys / macaques in the Monkey Forest in Ubud are prolific and eager to be fed. Caution is needed to protect cameras and personal belongings.
  • Travel to Sebatu village and visit the coffee plantation. Enjoy the taste of the famous Kopi Luwak, hot chocolate and delicious teas.
  • For a tasty appetizing lunch enjoy the beautiful surrounds of Bebek Tepi Sawah restaurant on Goa Gajah Road, near Ubud. Take a tour around the local galleries.
  • Tulamben is the home of the World War 11 Liberty ship wreck, torpedoed in 1942. This is a popular shore dive site, with masses of fish. The non diver can snorkel, walk in the village and go for beautiful drives up river valleys.
  • Amed is another fascinating spot for diving, snorkeling and picnicking.
  • Further North is the Yeh Mempeh Waterfall in the village Les, one of the three highest waterfalls in Bali.
By Ramli Ahmad Blogpost