Quick Q&A – Divemaster Ketut Wisnu

Hello, Divemaster Ketut Wisnu, how are you doing?
We want to get to know you better, is it ok to ask you some questions?

I'm doing good. And of course you can ask some questions, no problem.

What did you do in your life before diving?

I was a supplier of sand and rocks, so I was a truck driver. Because I didn't want to spend too much time from home anymore, I was looking for another job. This is how I came working at Absolute Scuba as a driver.

How did you do your first dive then?

I was driving to Amed for exploration dives with the two instructors. Like always we had a spare scuba kit in the car. When we arrived the instructors asked if I wanted to to a Discover Scuba Diving Program there. First we did some skills in the shallow water, then we went out for a dive.

A little bit after this dive, the manager asked me if I would be interested to take some more courses to become a PADI Divemaster. So that's how it all started.

Which PADI course did you enjoy the most?

The PADI Open water diver course. I learned all the things of Scuba Diving that I always hear them talking about during the briefings. Finally I could go diving myself instead of watching.

Why did you become a dive guide?

I loved diving from the very first time, it makes me very happy and you see so many beautiful things under water. I'm very happy that the company gave me the opportunity to train me al the way up to a Divemaster.

What’s your favourite critter & what would you like to see one day?

My favourites are still turtles. And within the macro range, the Fabelina Nudibranch.

One of the critters I wanted to see for a long time was a Bumblebee Shrimp, but I saw it last week here in Padang Bai. So I guess I have to chose another one now. I would like to see a Tiger Shark, but that's going to be quite impossible around here.

Why should we come dive and stay in Padang Bai?

People should definitely go to Besakih temple, it’s such a nice temple and the guides there can explain a lot about the culture and Hindu traditions. The best thing about Padang Bai, is that’s is very central on the island of Bali, all mayor tourist sites are about one hour away. So it’s perfect to visit after even a morning diving.

Thank you! See you soon underwater. Happy bubbles

Green Turtle
Green Turtle
Tiger Shark
Flabelina Nudibrach
Bumblebee shrimp
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