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5 Great Reasons to become a NITROX-Enriched Air Diver

1. Longer bottom time

Probably the most known advantage of diving on Nitrox-Enriched air is that you can stay at depths a bit longer. Your No Stop Limit increases dramatically because of the decreased nitrogen level and the increased oxygen level (this can be up to 40%).

2. Shorter Surface Intervals

As you’re absorbing less nitrogen in your body while diving, you can have shorter surface intervals in between dives. You will learn, during the course, how to calculate the surface intervals with the tables and your dive computer.

3. Longer Repetitive Dive Times

When you’re diving on Nitrox-Enriched air you will have a longer allowable bottom time when you’re doing repetitive dives on one day. For example, when you’re making 3 dives in one day on normal air, during that last dive you will see that your No Stop Limit is significantly shorter at depth. If you’re doing all your dives on Nitrox-Enriched Air, you see that your allowable bottom time is longer. So you can enjoy the underwater life more!

4. Use your own equipment when diving on Nitrox

Most modern Scuba Gear and Dive Computers can be used for diving on Enriched Air. If you’re diving with your own scuba equipment, have a look at your manufacturer recommendations and local requirements to see if you’re gear is suitable.

However you can use most Scuba Gear, different rules apply for Scuba Tanks. They must meet oxygen service standards and be dedicated for use with enriched air. You will practice how to use oxygen analyzers and special cylinder stickers.

5. Feel less exhausted

You probably already experienced the feeling of being exhausted and tired when you get out of the water. This is due by the nitrogen absorption of your body. By making our dives on Nitrox-Enriched Air, you’ll take in less Nitrogen what can make you feel less tired. Although not proven, this feeling is claimed by enough divers to take it definitely into consideration.


Interested in becoming a Nitrox – Enriched air diver?

Don’t worry if you don’t have many dives yet. You can complete the course right after your PADI Open Water Course.

Have a look at our Nitrox-Enriched Air Diver Theory Course which only takes 1 afternoon to complete. Or if you have a little bit more time, include some dives on Nitrox during your stay and do the Nitrox-Enriched Air Diver Course (2 dives incl).

If you want to improve your skills as a diver at the same time. Combine the Nitrox Course with your Advanced Open Water Diver Course. Take the Advanced Open Water Course + Nitrox at the same time and enjoy our combo price.

Contact us for the prices of our Learn And Stay packages, we got some great deals for you! Packages are already starting from 3 nights.

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