The fun doesn’t end when you get out of the¬†water.

We’ve got plenty of non-diving activities.

Besakih Temple

Located in the village of Besakih on the slopes of Mount Agung in eastern Bali, it is the most important, largest and holiest temple of the Agama Hindu Dharma in Bali.

It was nominated as a World Heritage Site in 1955.

Monkey Forest

Home to the Balinese long-tailed macaque. Some might be friendly and say Hello!

Sunrise Dolphin

Come to Lovina beach, where we’ll board a boat. Normally dolphins will show at around 6AM. Make your Bali Adventure complete with this trip!

Kecak & Fire Dance

This dance shows the legendary Hindu story of Ramayana. Rama, a knight and rightful heir for the throne of Ayodya, is exiled together with his wife Sita with a distant leave. Presently, a good bad king spies Sita, falls deeply in love with her, and directs a gold deer to appeal Rama away.

The dance uses a compulsive choir sound “cak-cak-cak”

Rice Field in Bukit Jambul

One of the most famous tourist destinations in Bali, due to the harmonious combination of hills, rice fields, valleys and beautiful sea panorama in the distance. A stunning fertile rice field terraces with a cool breeze and relaxing atmosphere.

Tegalalang (Rice Terrace)

It has a beautiful view with coconut trees and a small river valley. Tegalalang is well known as a handicrafts center, its products going to wholesalers and exports. Along the road you will see a lot of shops selling a variety of designed wood cravings colorfully painted.

Adventures in Bali

Bali Island, the perfect holiday destination for all ages offers something for everyone. This tropical paradise has a unique blend of modern tourist facilities combined with wonderful shopping and a rich past and heritage. The Balinese people are proud of having preserved their unique Hndu culture against the advance of Islam, the dominant religion throughout Indonesia. This is still reflected in day-to-day life and can be seen in the numerous ceremonies, Balinese festivals and magnificent temples and palaces. Some of the best beaches in the world can be found on the eastern side of the island, it is a wonderful haven for families, with beautiful white sane beaches and gentle seas.

Tanah Lot Temple

One of the most popular places of interest in Bali, is located on the South West coast, at the village of Beraban in the Tabanan Regency. It offers a world famous sunset. At the base of the island, hidden in some nooks on the coral reef around the Temple, sea snakes are believed to guard the temple from evil spirits and intruders.

Tirta Gangga water palace

A lovely maze of pools and fountains surrounded by a lush garden with stone carvings and statues. One of the most popular places in Bali, located on the South West coast. It offers a world-famous sunset. At the base of the island, hidden in some nook son the coral reef around the Temple, sea snakes are believed to guard the temple from evil spirits and intruders.

The Bali Bird Park

It is set in two hectares of landscaped gardens with several lilly ponds, 2000 tropical plants and 50 palm varieties. See a bird show where hornbils and macaws fly over! Occasionally see the white American Pelican wiggle across one of the fields.

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